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Art Feature

Tue Feb 21, 2017, 11:53 AM
Amazing Arts

This is the feature I promised to Paleogirl47 for her winning caption for this image, thank you again!:
SO, here's the feature! First up is her choice to feature.
Manny and Gypsy: First Date by Paleogirl47
Skelita and La Muerte: Mother and Daughter by Paleogirl47 Grim Fandango Humanized by Paleogirl47
Manolo and Maria nightclothes by Paleogirl47
World Grand Prix by Paleogirl47

Skin by KatZaphire

✯ Information! ✯

About Me

Call me Olympic, please. :3

I am a self-taught artist, meaning I am self-taught with everything I do, from my traditional art to my digital art. I don't know that much about what I do, technical wise, but I just do what works for me, and as long as that works, so be it!! :D

I design digitally in GIMP.
Photos are taken by Fujifilm Finepix S1500.

My drawings are all done with regular 2HB pencil, nothing amazing or rare.
I've drawn since I was a kid, and it's a great hobby for me, along with a way to relax and unwind after a long day, and now that I've discovered digital art, I've been able to do that when I don't have time to pick up a pencil, but I am still well-versed in both that I can switch around and do what I want.

Types of art I do:

Vintage Photograph Recolourisation and restoration~
Story writer, fictional and occasionally non-fiction; all things are maritime related usually.
Pencil art, colour or black and white. I can draw a lot of different things, but how good I am at all of it is something I'm not too sure of! I consider ships my forte, and after that, likely animals maybe, and cartoon people. I don't draw the latter often at all though; it's just not really my thing.

My heritage is partial Irish, but I also value the ways and beauty of the United Kingdom itself, so it is expected for me to favourite a lot of your art that is like that, if you have any!! I find it a beautiful country, and it also means a lot to me because of the history it holds with the RMS Titanic, and her lesser known sister, RMS Olympic. It's my dream to go to Belfast and see where it all began.


Who Are My OC's?

Some of my OC's feature in these stories:
Titanic's Forgotten Sister
Life After the Great War

:new: Melinda Guinevere Longwhisker, a Turkish Van cat with spunk, but a gentle personality and big heart. More information here:

:new: Duchess, a Lockheed Constellation Starliner, a beautiful and rare plane with a loving heart and gentle soul. More on her as time passes.

◘ HMS Tempestuous, a Royal British Navy warship, the flagship and the fleet commander. A stubborn sort and likely a little too patriotic at times for his beloved Great Britain, but one with a heart of gold once you get to know him. My most well loved and 'famous' character.

◘ HMS Dauntless, the first son of the aforesaid vessel; a young and proud ship who was in the glow of youth when he sank via a mine.

◘ Thomas Bell, shipyard worker, and one of the only humans the mean tempered and past-abused HMS Tempestuous trusts and cares about.

◘ James Bell, nephew of Thomas, a young chap who enjoys going to the harbor in Scapa Flow, and visiting the warships.

◘ Second Officer Edwards, Officer of Tempestuous; a kindly man whom the warship trusts as well.

Other characters that appear in my stories are real ships via the names, but their fabricated personalities make them more or less my OC's as well, I will name them as follows:

○ RMS Olympic, mate of Tempestuous

○ M/V Wilhelm Gustloff, another mate

○ HMS Hood, son of the Commander

○ HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS King George, HMS Ajax; various fleet members who appear here and there.

○ RMS Mauretania; adopted sister to Olympic

○ RMS Sylvania; daughter of Mauretania

○ RMS Berengaria; mate of Mauretania

○ RMS Titanic, fated sister of Olympic

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⚓ About Me ⚓

Hello everyone, and may I please welcome you?

My name is the Royal Mail Steamship, Olympic. I am the sister of Titanic, one of the most famous, if not THE most famous ship in the world.

Unfortunately, she became famous for all the wrong reasons...

I am her twin sister. As you can see in the top photograph, we looked a lot the same, but one of my main differences is the fact my promenade deck is open.

They changed that with Titanic, because the people grew upset at having the seawater thrown through the windows all the time.

Some people think it enhanced or decreased her design.

I led a successful life, befitting of the namesake of my class, the Olympic-Class, but sad as well considering I never had a chance to fully be the sister I always wished I could of been....for I lost Titanic and Britannic.

I proved how well a liner like myself could command the seas when I fought in World War One as a troop-transporter, known then as simply 'T2810'.

I carried the soldiers far and wide, and even sank a German submarine, U-103. Killing never did suit me well though, so I will say I don't like to recall the memory.

Some praised me for such actions, others censured me, saying that was all very foolish on my part, and my captain's. He did what he could, and I held nothing against him.

After the war, I was refitted, and made better than ever. Business seemed to pick up, and all was going wonderful until the 1930's hit.

My accident which spelled my fate was when I collided with the Nantucket Lightship, LV 117.

I rammed into it, breaking it in half, and killed over half the crew upon it's sinking.

From there, things looked grim for me, and in the early 1930's, I was taken out of service and put up for sale.

Plans were had for a rich fellow to purchase me, and turn me into a floating hotel in the South of France. But, with the Great Depression nigh, that would never come to fruition, and the one who bought me was the T.W Ward scrapyard. My fittings were taken from me and sold.

Many are now in the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, United Kingdom. That was all of me that was saved.

My Cunard Rival, Mauretania, and I were sent off together first to Jarrow to begin the scrapping, and later, I went to Inverkeithing for it to finished off. After the last plate of my hull had been melted down, I was nothing more than a memory, and a spirit.

My spirit, or my soul, whichever you wish to call it, is all that remains in the living world aside from my accoutrements.

Deep down in my heart, the sea always calls, I love it dearly. It and Ireland, my place of birth, remain my forever home.

Try To See Beauty, No Matter How Dark the Night


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I have a new fate written for the RMS Olympic in my alternate universe. When word got out that she was to be broken up, the Navy bought her and converted her into a merchant raider. The Free Republic of Montserrat did this to plenty of old decommissioned ocean liners, including Mauretania. Titanic never sank, and remains in service though heavily upgraded. Brittanic remains a Free People's Navy Hospital Ship, and Aquitania remains in service,a s does the Lusitania. They have all been outsized by the MV Togo Maru, a 368m long classic 1930's Art Deco ocean liner operated by White Star Line. 
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