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No Patience for Rulebreakers -STAMP by RMS-OLYMPIC No Patience for Rulebreakers -STAMP by RMS-OLYMPIC
Mini Rant to go with this:

Literally everyday I am on this site any more, I am physically sickened by the ignorance of so many people. I see entire galleries with nothing but screenshots. Accounts with Tumblr reposts. Stolen bases. Pornography worthy of Playboy/Playgirl. Under-age members. Copyright watermarks smeared out and a member putting their own name over it. People claiming such stolen content as their own. Hurtful trolling. Death threats. All the time.

Can any of these people read anymore? Can they read through the FAQ's on this site and realise all of the above is not permitted? If you want to do that, you need to go to Tumblr or wherever else allows it.

Just because Staff members can't crack down on everyone here doesn't mean you're allowed to do this insanity. If people think it's 'cool' to go against the rules and not get caught, I have news for them. It just makes them look that much more ignorant and uncaring of rules. You don't get away with it forever.

The people that try so hard to make a mark in this community with originality are thrown to the bottom of the heap by all the liars and trolls seeking attention. None of the people I know get as much affection on their art as a random porno artist. Barely any of my friends make any money off prints, but the person stealing content does.

What is wrong with everything? I've been here only 2 years and seen the progression of ignorance get worse and worse. It's a disgrace.

When is this place ever going to turn back into being an honest-to-goodness ART website with all the things not allowed removed? I really think never.

Rant Over.

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March 11, 2016
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